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ZicSaloma: No Family Support Me Except My Mother

Nigerian entertainer ZicSaloma, once known as Isaac Aloma, shared his journey with journalist Chude Jideonwo, revealing family challenges in pursuing his cross-dressing content creation.

Early on, ZicSaloma faced opposition from his four brothers, who actively discouraged his love for music by destroying his cassettes. Undeterred, he transitioned into content creation, but family scepticism persisted, with only his mother offering support.

Recalling a crucial moment, ZicSaloma said, “It was only my mom that supported me. I remember when I was supposed to go to a competition in South Africa. I was supposed to go with family and friends. So I took my mom; naturally, I am supposed to carry my siblings, and I cannot because none of them have ever supported me. I went with my friends.”

Despite familial doubts, ZicSaloma now stands as the “chief cornerstone” of his family, proving that persistence and self-belief can triumph over scepticism.

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