“Portable is angry I didn’t die” – Young Duu accuses former boss of trying to use him for money rituals

Portable and Young duu Portable and Young duu
  • Young Duu accuses Portable of threatening his life and alleges an unsuccessful ritual attempt.
  • Duu reveals he was beaten on the street for being Portable’s former associate.
  • Duu advises Portable to focus on his own family and expresses disdain for the alleged ritual attempt.

The Nigerian singer, Young Duu, has made damning allegations against his former record label boss, Portable.

He accused Portable of threatening his life, stating that it would never be well with him.

In a recent statement made during a live video, Young Duu revealed that he was beaten on the street by individuals who identified him as Portable’s former boy.

He further mentioned that during his time under the label, Portable had attempted to use him for a ritual, but the attempt was unsuccessful.

He stated that he landed in the hospital but Portable was angry that he did not die.

He advised Portable to leave him alone and focus on his own first son, given that he himself is already a father.

His statement: “He tried to use me for a ritual, but I was saved and ended up in the hospital. He was angry that I didn’t die. May things not get better for you.”

“You’re an unfortunate person. We used to smoke together in the street, yet I called you brother. You’ll never find fortune.”

Young Duu made several other statements in the attached video, which has been linked in the article below.

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