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Kate Henshaw Speaks on Genevieve’s Behavior, Wonders Why She Likes To Distance Herself From Colleagues

  • Kate Henshaw shares details of her recent reconnection with Nollywood colleague Genevieve Nnaji after a period of separation.
  • She acknowledges minor differences with Genevieve in recent years, highlighting concerns about Genevieve’s tendency to distance herself from friends and coworkers.
  • The two actresses reconnected on a Netflix production, with Kate describing Genevieve as friendly and accommodating after years of no contact.

Kate Henshaw, a well-known Nollywood star, openly shared about reconnecting with Genevieve Nnaji, her former colleague, after a long time apart.

When asked about their friendship by Chude Jideonwo, Kate mentioned some recent differences but highlighted her concern about Genevieve distancing herself from them.

Kate explained that they reconnected during a Netflix project, and she described Genevieve as friendly and welcoming after years of limited contact.

Despite their past differences, Kate praised Genevieve, comparing her to Nollywood’s version of Angelina Jolie, who prefers a more solitary path in the industry.

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