Shallipopi N232 Million Richard Mille

Shallipopi’s Fancy Watch Sparks Talk: ₦232 Million Richard Mille Causes Stir

Nigerian singer Crown Uzama, known as Shallipopi, is getting internet users talking with his new N232 million Richard Mille RM010 Rose gold watch.

In videos on social media, Shallipopi showed off the $180,000 watch, and people had things to say. Some wondered where he got the money, especially since he doesn’t own a house in Lagos.

While starito_vibes was skeptical, saying, “And he no get house fr Lagos,” ask4_vanesa didn’t seem bothered, commenting, “Even the one Davido is wearing is fake and so??!”

There were jokes about Shallipopi’s money coming from “Priktocurrency,” with jossy_utd saying, “When did he start singing that he can afford such a watch?????”

Even fans like medicoolbohz had doubts, stating, “I be Shalli fan but na lie jareh, upcoming dey use 230M buy only watch say he no see em music to use am promote.”

However, fiftyshades_of_oyin defended Shallipopi, highlighting his independence from record labels, saying, “Do you know this guy’s net-worth? Mans not under no label yo! Stop playing please…. Put some respek on that Man’s nameeeee!”

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