Respect your body, don’t have more than 5 women – Erigga advises men

Rapper Erigga recently shared advice on social media for men regarding their relationships with women.

In his message, Erigga pointed out that men sometimes harm themselves by pursuing multiple women.

He offered guidance on the appropriate number of women for men to engage with.

Erigga’s advice highlights the importance of considering one’s choices in romantic relationships.

He believes that men can avoid harm by being mindful of the number of women they pursue.

This insight encourages individuals to reflect on their actions and make informed decisions in their relationships.

The rapper wrote;

“You are Disrespecting your body by following different women… Men should wise up. Get yourself 1 lady or maybe 2 and settle down. Highest 3 or 4. maximum 5 or 6 is okay. If you’re going through a lot, you can add one more then you are good to go…”

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