Phyna Opens Up About Unsuccessful Relationships, Talks About Dating Life After BBNaija

Phyna BBNaija

Reality Television star Josephina Ijeoma Otabor, also known as Phyna, expressed her frustration over her unsuccessful relationships.

Following the end of her relationship with Groovy after BBNaija ‘Level Up’ show in 2022, Phyna has remained single but not celibate.

She mentioned calling men when she felt the need for intimacy.

In a recent interview with Naija FM in Lagos, Phyna revealed that she has not dated anyone since parting ways with Groovy.

When asked about managing her sexual urges as a single woman, she shared that she avoids using toys and instead contacts men on her phone for companionship when needed.

Phyna emphasized her busy schedule and the lack of time for relationships, mentioning that she prefers a carefree lifestyle akin to that of a man.

Reflecting on her past relationships, she highlighted challenges such as religious differences leading to separations and instances of infidelity causing heartache.

“For instance, my previous relationship, my partner was a Muslim. It was because of religious differences that we separated. In fact, it was on social media that I saw his pictures with another lady. So, I’ve not really been lucky with relationships. I have gone through hell.”

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