Actress Anita Joseph

Actress Anita Joseph Faces Backlash Over Comments on BBNaija’s CeeC

In a recent incident, actress Anita Joseph criticized Big Brother Naija housemate CeeC for claiming to be a virgin on Instagram. Anita’s post questioned CeeC’s statement, highlighting her actions.

Responding to this, a follower named Ifeoma Obiajuru accused Anita of speaking about matters that weren’t her concern, bringing up a previous incident where Anita didn’t defend herself against another colleague’s comments.

“Na for small Ceec matter you get to talk. You get involved in things that don’t concern you. But when Angela Okorie was busy dragging you left and right you didn’t come out to defend yourself. She even talked about how you swallowed a lizard and you still did not talk. Something that has to do with you, you lied that you no longer reply to people that drag you because of your husband. Now, it’s CeeC’s turn and you didn’t remember that you have a husband again.”

Another follower, Ivwurie Sonia, accused Anita of promoting negativity and causing trouble in the past.

This backlash refers to a statement made by CeeC during the 2018 BBNaija ‘Double Wahala’ edition, where she claimed to be a virgin.

The issue resurfaced during a conversation between Alex and Pere on a recent Friday.

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