Benue FA Celebrates NFF's Inclusion of Icheen, Edeh, Aku in Committees

Benue FA Celebrates NFF’s Inclusion of Icheen, Edeh, Aku in Committees

The Benue State Football Association (BSFA) praised the appointment of fellow state members to committees by the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF).

BSFA Chairman Barr. Paul Edeh, Rt. Hon. Margaret Icheen, and Mrs. Margaret Aku were chosen for five committees, as disclosed by the NFF Communications department on Tuesday.

Rt. Hon. Icheen achieved a historic feat, becoming the first Benue native to join three committees at once: Chairman of Protocol and Ceremonial, Vice Chairperson of Finance, and Member of the Establishment Committee. Barr. Edeh, known for philanthropy and founding Naija Ratels and Honey Badgers women’s clubs, joined the NFF’s Legal Committee. Mrs Aku was appointed to the Women’s Committee of the country’s Football Federation.

After the committee members were announced, Benue FA Chairman, Barr. Edeh, and others congratulated the appointees for their achievements. Barr. Edeh highlighted the importance of developing football, praising Rt. Hon. Icheen and Mrs. Aku’s contributions to women’s football.

Barr. Edeh also emphasized the commitment to the NFF’s vision for grassroots football development across Benue State’s local governments and communities. He expressed confidence in representing Benue on the committees and pledged dedication to the cause.

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