Asake: I choose music over dance because of money

Famous Nigerian singer Asake, also known as Ahmed Ololade, has recently revealed why he left his dancing career for music.

In a recent interview, Asake explained that he chose a music career over dancing because he wasn’t sure dancing could bring him the financial success he desired.

The Nigerian singer said, “The reason I left dance is for my love for money. I want to be very honest. Dance is something that I love. But I’m not sure dance can give me the kind of money I want.

“Even if you want to make it so gangster-like and there are so many people bumping, you still need to use the dancers. So, as they work together, I think for the love of money, I’d rather be singing,” he added.

When asked if he would pursue dancing if it brought significant success, the singer responded: “No, I would join music and dance together so I will have more money.”

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