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#BBNaijaAllStars: Drama Unfolds At Pool Party As Alex Punches Ike For ‘Trying To Drown’ Her

In an unexpected turn of events at the Big Brother Naija All Stars pool party on Thursday night, housemates Alex and Ike Onyema took centre stage. The evening took a dramatic twist when Alex, while playing in the pool with Ike, suddenly began throwing punches, sparking a commotion.

Details Unveiled:

Neo Akpofure and Mercy Eke, fellow housemates, swiftly stepped in to defuse the tension and prevent the situation from escalating further. As the pool party came to an end, Alex explained that her actions were a response to what she perceived as Ike’s attempt to “drown” her during their playful interaction.

However, Mercy, who has a history with Ike, strongly contested Alex’s account, firmly stating that Alex was fabricating the drowning claim. Doyin, another housemate, shed light on the situation, suggesting that Ike’s intentions were simply to hug Alex, not harm her.

Seeking Justification:

Amidst the confusion, Alex requested Biggie to play the video clip, hoping it would clarify the circumstances surrounding the poolside altercation.

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