2023 Presidential Candidates

2023 Presidential Candidates Seek Inclusion in Tinubu’s Government

Some presidential candidates from opposition parties in the 2023 election are urging President Bola Tinubu to involve them in his administration.

These candidates, hailing from parties such as APGA, ADP, NRM, and APP, united under the banner of the Forum of Concerned Presidential Candidates.

Felix Osakwe, the NRM’s presidential candidate, conveyed their appeal during a meeting with the APC’s national chairman, Abdullahi Ganduje, in Abuja.

“Our forum is for peace and development of Nigeria. The president should be told that not all the presidential candidates are against his victory,” said Mr Osakwe.

In-Depth Account:

The Forum of Concerned Presidential Candidates, established with a focus on Nigeria’s peace and development, emphasizes that not all the presidential contenders stand in opposition to President Tinubu’s success.

Mr. Osakwe’s objective in meeting with Mr. Ganduje was to align with the APC’s national chairman and engage with President Tinubu’s government.

Additionally, the group anticipates Mr. Ganduje’s assistance in arranging a meeting with President Tinubu to articulate their perspectives.

Mr. Ganduje warmly acknowledged the forum’s visit and pledged to communicate their requests to the president. He assured the group that he would facilitate a direct encounter with President Tinubu.

“I will convey your views and requests. And I will ensure that you see Mr President in person. I thank you for being faithful to your respective parties,” said Mr Ganduje. “I salute you for being good ambassadors of your own political parties, not destroyers of your parties, and not turning your political parties as a source of revenue.”

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