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Ramsey Nouah Biography: Where is he from and is he married?

In this article, I am going to discuss everything you need to know about Ramsey Nouah from his biography to his origin, career, wife, and children and even clarify some frequently asked questions like, is he from Ghana? Where is Ramsey Nouah’s father from? Is he married?

Who is Ramsey Nouah?

Ramsey Nouah is a famous actor and movie director from Nigeria. This sentence has clarified the misconception of whether Ramsey Nouah is from Ghana or not. His full name is Ramsey Tokunbo Nouah Jr.

Ramsey has won many awards in the entertainment industry like the 2010 Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his work in the film The Figurine. Others are the Africa Movie Academy Awards (2017, 2020), Best of Nollywood Awards (2018, 2019), Best of Nollywood Awards (2020, 2021) and many more.

In 2019, he directed the movie Living in Bondage: Breaking Free. He also directed the Nollywood film Rattle Snake: The Ahanna Story. This film was a remake of the 1995 movie Rattlesnake.

How old is Ramsey Nouah and where is he from?

Ramsey Nouah is currently 53 years old and he is from Nigeria. He was born on 19 December 1970 in Lagos, Nigeria.

Speaking about Nouah’s origin, he is of dual citizen because his father is Lebanese and Israeli, and his mother is Yoruba from Owo, Ondo State, Nigeria.

Is Ramsey Nouah married?

Yes, Ramsey Tokunbo Nouah Jr. is married. His wife’s name is Emelia Philips-Nouah and they have three children together. Two sons named Quincy Nouah and Joshua Nouah with a daughter named Desiree Nouah.

What is Ramsey Nouah’s first movie?

Ramsey’s first movie was Fortunes in 1993. The Nigerian professional actor first featured in the Nigerian TV soap opera in 1993 where he acted as Jeff Akin-Thomas.

Educational Background

As a child who grew up in Surulere, Lagos, he started his education at Community Grammar School and Atara Primary School.

After graduating from the University of Lagos with a diploma in mass communications, he then started pursuing a career in filmmaking.

List of Ramsey Nouah’s movies

Here are some movies the Nollywood actor Ramsey Tokunbo Nouah Jr. has featured in;

  1. Silent Night
  2. Camouflage
  3. End of the Wicked
  4. Fugitive
  5. The Battle of Love
  6. Power of Love
  7. Valentino
  8. My Love
  9. Church Business
  10. Break Up
  11. Emotional Crack
  12. Supa Love
  13. True Love
  14. Across the Niger
  15. Dangerous Twins
  16. Coming to South Africa
  17. Bleeding Love
  18. The Faculty
  19. Chase
  20. Sweet Tomorrow
  21. Reloaded
  22. The Figurine
  23. Nnenda
  24. Guilty Pleasures
  25. Private Storm
  26. The Black Soul
  27. Heart of a Fighter
  28. Iru Oka
  29. Weekend Getaway
  30. Gem of the Rainforest
  31. Confusion Na Wa
  32. Unguarded
  33. Busted Life
  34. 30 Days in Atlanta
  35. Tempting Fate
  36. The Grave Dust
  37. Gbomo Gbomo Express
  38. ’76
  39. The Accidental Spy
  40. My Wife & I
  41. Crazy People
  42. Merry Men: The Real Yoruba Demons
  43. Lagos Landing
  44. The Millions
  45. Living in Bondage: Breaking Free
  46. Merry Men 2
  47. Deranged
  48. Rattle Snake: The Ahanna Story
  49. Nneka the Pretty Serpent
  50. Slay

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