Wizkid Religion: Is Wizkid a Muslim or a Christian?

Who is Wizkid and what is his religion? Wizkid, also known as Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, is a very well-known Nigerian singer and songwriter.

He is regarded as one of the biggest and most influential African singers and is one of the most well-known figures in the contemporary Afrobeats music scene.

Besides his remarkable career success, one of the most common talking points regarding the Nigerian singer is his religious affiliation.

Wizkid: Is he a Muslim? There have been many rumours about Wizkid’s religion up until recently. Given his middle name, some said he was a Muslim, while others contended he was a Christian because of his mother’s faith.

What is Wizkid religion?

Is Wizkid a Christian? No. The well-known Nigerian singer does not identify as a member of any particular religion; he is neither a Muslim nor a Christian. Wizkid was raised in a home with a variety of religious views.

His mother is a Pentecostal Christian, while his father, Ayodeji Ibrahim, is a practicing Muslim.

Has Wizkid ever attended services? The singer grew up with 12 siblings, some of whom follow Islam and others who follow Christianity.

As a child, Wizkid frequently accompanied his father to the mosque while some of his siblings attended church.

When he was around ten years old, he started going to church and even started singing in the chorus.

So, which religion is Wizkid? When asked about his thoughts on numerous aspects of this life, the well-known musician brought up the subject of religion. He said the following:

Don’t waste your life with temporary situations. Live life; age isn’t a representation of how smart you are, I know plenty of stupid grown people, too, and I don’t believe in religion.

Growing up in a very spiritual home in Lagos opened my mind. My dad is a Muslim, while my mum is a Christian. I used to go to the mosque with my dad and go to church with my mother. That made me realise that the biggest religion in life is love. Love is the biggest religion I follow. The most important thing to me is family.

Religion in Wizkid’s songs

The singer frequently makes references to “Olodumare” and “Olorun,” two Yoruba names for God. The almighty Olodumare is referred to as the supreme creator.

There is much discussion over Wizkid’s faith among his followers. The well-known Nigerian artist recently clarified the situation by claiming that he does not profess any religious beliefs and that the best religion is love.

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