Wizkid children & their mums: How many children does he have?

Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, popularly known as Wizkid, is a singer and songwriter from Nigeria. Those curious about the lifestyles of Nigerian celebrities frequently research “How many children does Wizkid have?” See here for information on Wizkid’s family.

His numerous children from different women are not shocking because many successful and well-known individuals live similar lives to him. Superstars from Nigeria and throughout the world frequently have kids from several partners.

Who is Wizkid’s wife?

The Nigerian singer has three baby mamas and no wife.

If you have wondered, “How many children does Wizkid have?”, then hopefully this article will give you some insight into the singer’s kids and their mothers.

How many children does Wizkid have?

Wizkid has three children, and they are all male. He frequently shares pictures of his three kids and their adorable mothers on social media. Fans can’t get enough of his adorable children, who all seem to be cheerful. Check out a selection of their photos and learn more about them below.

What are the names of Wizkid’s boys?

Wizkid’s boys are:

  1. Boluwatife Balogun
  2. Ayodeji Balogun
  3. Zion Balogun

Wizkid children and their mums

Neither of Wizkid’s baby mamas is his spouse, and it doesn’t appear as if the singer will soon tie the knot. The musician has not yet disclosed his fiancée to his fans.

  1. Wizkid’s first son, Boluwatife Balogun

Wizkid’s first baby mama is Shola Ogudugu. She is an entrepreneur and creative director of Czar and Czarina. Shola was 19 when she gave birth to Boluwatife Balogun in 2011. The duo disputed child support, and a DNA test was used to establish the boy’s paternity, which confirmed Wizkid as the father.

The fight between Wizkid and Sola’s families lasted for two years before Starboy accepted the child. The singer usually posts his love for Boluwatife and occasionally takes him to his concerts.

Wizkid and Sola’s family fought for two years before Starboy acknowledged the child. The artist frequently expresses his affection for Boluwatife and even invites him to his shows.

  1. Wizkid’s second son, Ayodeji Balogun

In 2016, Binta Diallo gave birth to Wizkid’s second son. The Guinean model, who lives in America, also took a DNA test to verify Wizkid is Ayodeji Balogun’s father.

After a year of online abuse and bullying from Wizkid’s followers, Binta Diamond Diallo revealed a DNA test on Instagram. Ayodeji was finally identified as the singer’s child.

  1. Wizkid’s youngest son, Zion Balogun

In October of 2017, Jada Pollock gave birth to Zion Balogun. The singer did not argue with her about the paternity of the child. Pollock is five years older than Wizkid, unlike the other two baby moms.

Jada Pollock is a brand consultant from the United Kingdom. She worked with Chris Brown and Pia Mia before joining Starboy. Between 2014 and 2017, they worked and dated.

The relationship resulted in the birth of Zion. Wizzy has a tattoo of his son’s name and has had relationships with a number of women, including Nollywood actress Dorcas Shola Fapson.

How old are Wizkid’s sons?

Boluwatife (born May 13, 2011) is 11 years old, Ayodeji (born January 18, 2016) is 6 years old, and Zion (born October 28, 2017) is 4 years old as of September 2022.

Who is the mother of Wizkid’s child, Zion?

Wizkid’s lastborn, Zion’s mom, is Jada Pollock, and she is a brand consultant from Britain.

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