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Complete Guide to Become a Ball Boy in Soccer or Football

Want to be a ball boy? Being a ball boy is an exciting way for young soccer/football fans to get close to the action during matches.

Ball boys are responsible for quickly retrieving balls that go out of play and providing them to players to swiftly resume the game.

It’s a sought-after role that requires commitment, responsibility, and soccer passion. If you’re a young soccer enthusiast interested in supporting your favourite team from the sidelines, becoming a ball boy could be a great opportunity.

Advantages of ballboy in football/soccer

Ballboys and ballgirls play an important role in football/soccer by helping the game run smoothly and efficiently. Here are some key reasons why they are important:

  1. They retrieve and provide balls quickly to restart play. This helps maximize actual playing time, keep the tempo of the match going, and minimize delays. Good ballboys can shave crucial seconds off stoppages.
  2. They maintain the supply and rotation of match balls. Balls frequently go out of bounds during a match. Without ballboys providing a fresh supply, the referee would have to constantly run to get balls.
  3. They provide balls based on requests from players and officials. Experienced ballboys learn to anticipate when a spare ball might be needed for a set piece or substitution.
  4. They ensure fair play by providing the same balls to both teams. As they handle all match balls, they make sure good quality balls are evenly rotated for each team.
  5. They support fair conditions by drying wet balls, cleaning debris off fields, fixing nets, etc. They help ensure optimal and safe playing conditions.
  6. At higher-level matches with global audiences, their efficient work supports the professionalism and tempo required by the sport at the elite level.

They allow matches to flow properly and give players more time to showcase their skills. Their role supports the core spirit and tradition of the sport.

ballboy in soccer

Skill and Age Requirements

To become a successful ball boy, you need to meet some basic requirements. Ball boys are generally between 10-16 years old.

Younger children may lack the maturity and responsibility needed, while those older may not meet all leagues’ school enrollment requirements. Athleticism and soccer skills like throwing, catching, kicking, and ball control are also key.

You’ll need fitness to sprint after stray balls and withstand being on your feet for long periods. As you’ll be representing a professional club, professionalism, reliability, and good conduct are mandatory.

Applying for an Opportunity as Ball Boy

If you meet the prerequisites, follow these steps to apply as a ball boy:

  • Identify clubs you can reasonably commute to from your residence. Focus on major clubs if possible, as they utilize more ball boys.
  • Check club websites around March-April when many accept ball boy applications for the next season. Applications require parent/guardian consent.
  • Submit any requested background information showcasing your soccer skills, fitness, maturity, conduct standards, and commitment to the role.

Training and Game Day Responsibilities
If recruited, you’ll need to attend any scheduled training sessions to learn your matchday responsibilities. These include:

  • Arriving at the stadium on time and checking in with the designated ball crew lead.
  • Getting into uniform and reviewing matchday protocols. Safety comes first at all times.
  • Shadowing veteran ball boys to learn positioning, movement protocols, retrieving stray balls, when to distribute replacements, etc.
  • Practicing agility drills for safely traversing sidelines while not obstructing play.

On game days, tasks typically involve:

  • Regularly hydrating and eating properly to maintain energy levels.
  • Paying close attention at all times to identify balls leaving the field of play.
  • Swiftly recovering balls without disruption and supplying replacements to resume match flow.
  • Occasionally distributing replacement balls to players for restarts.
  • Safely returning stray balls to ball boys stationed behind goals when play permits.

Commitment Requirements

As ball boy duties are crucial for optimal match flow, you’ll need to commit to all scheduled games and training. Confirm your availability for the entire season with limited conflicts aside from illness before applying.

want to be a ball boy

Carefully review schedules to avoid vacation/school event conflicts. While initially voluntary, some clubs offer scholarships or game tickets to increase professionalism and retain top ball boys.

Either way, embrace this privledged vantage point to learn from elite players and coaches firsthand!


Becoming a ball boy allows aspiring soccer players a valuable chance to support the game they love.

If you meet the age, skill set, conduct, and commitment expectations outlined above, take the initiative to pursue this opportunity with your local club.

Submit an exemplary application highlighting your qualifications, soak up all training, and discharge your duties responsibly.

Your athleticism, dedication and conduct could set you on a path to someday join the players on the pitch, not just support them from the sidelines.

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