Role Of A Number 10 In Soccer (1)

What is Number 10 in Soccer? Duties of a Soccer Number 10 Explained

The number 10 is an iconic jersey number in soccer that is usually worn by the team’s main playmaker – the creative attacking midfielder who is responsible for setting up goals with killer passes, orchestrating the attack, and unlocking defenses with incisive through balls. This article will examine the critical role of number 10 in soccer and what is expected of players wearing this legendary shirt.

Key Responsibilities and Attributes of Number 10 in football/soccer

Playmaking Ability

A number 10 is relied upon to be the chief playmaker of the team, pulling the strings in midfield with accurate passing, skilful dribbling and lethal final balls. A top-class number 10 like Nigeria Jay Jay Okocha, Diego Maradona, Zinedine Zidane and Lionel Messi can slice open defences at will and produce moments of magic.

lionel messi wear jersey number 10

Creativity and Vision

Blessed with superior technique, flair and imagination, a classic number 10 sees passes, runs and opportunities that ordinary players simply do not. They have remarkable vision, inventiveness and ability to try the outrageous or sublime when required, making something out of nothing.

Soccer number 10 should have a Leadership spirit

As the main offensive threat, a number 10 often shoulders leadership responsibilities – organizing attacks, linking up play, directing teammates into space, and stepping up at crunch moments to change the course of the game. Leadership comes naturally to alpha number 10s likes Zico and Michel Platini.

Importance and Influence of Number 10 in soccer

Tactical Lynchpin

Managers build entire teams and tactics around their number 10s, constructed to get the best out of their main creator-in-chief. At their peak, elite number 10s like Ronaldinho and Francesco Totti were the focal point of their club and country gameplan.

Unlocking Stubborn Defenses

When lesser teams set out purely to defend in numbers, the onus falls on magicians like Pelé, Diego Maradona and Zinedine Zidane to unlock stuffed defenses with their brilliance and moments of inspiration. Their ability to create something from nothing is critical.

ronaldinho wearing jersey number 10

Game-Changing Impact

With defenses so organized these days, often a single piece of magic from a number 10 is the only way to breach them. One defense-splitting pass from Mesut Ozil, a delicate dink by Dennis Bergkamp or mazy dribble from Rivaldo can change an entire game in an instant.

Goal Threat

While their main role is creating goals, elite number 10s are prolific goalscorers in their own right, hitting 20+ goals every season. Sublime technicians like Michael Laudrup, Roberto Baggio and Gheorghe Hagi regularly rippled nets with wonder goals.


The number 10 remains soccer’s most revered position, reserved for the most gifted playmakers and entrusted with a creative license in the attack. For any aspiring young player, the chance to follow in the footsteps of legends like Pele and Maradona by dominating games with this iconic shirt is the ultimate soccer dream. The future of soccer is safe as long as sides are built around sublime number 10s capable of producing magic.

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