Ashleigh Plumptre

Super Falcons Plumptre Unveils Move to Al-Ittihad

Super Falcons defender Ashleigh Plumptre is set to join Al-Ittihad. Plumptre shared the news on Twitter, posting a video of her unveiling.

She expressed her gratitude for signing with Al-Ittihad and her excitement about embarking on this journey with incredible people.

Plumptre, a 25-year-old free agent, left Leicester City when her contract expired.

“Grateful to have signed for Al-Ittihad.

“Excited to start this journey alongside some incredible human beings.

“My journey of stepping into more of myself continues… It’s more than football.”

While there were links to Manchester United, she made her preference known by choosing to move abroad.

This marks the next step in her evolving journey beyond football.

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