Governor Otti

Abia govt reveals doctors who relocated abroad are still on payroll

  • The Abia governor found doctors abroad still on the payroll, prompting action.
  • Digitalization exposed staff to receiving salaries after leaving.
  • Otti plans to recruit more health workers.

The Abia state governor, Alex Otti, revealed that the state government’s investigations exposed the presence of certain doctors on its payroll who had departed the state workforce and moved abroad for better opportunities, commonly known as japa.

Otti shared this information during the first Abia State Council on Health in Umuahia, emphasizing, “Our ongoing digitalization of the Abia State civil service has brought to light employees who have left their positions for better prospects but still receive remuneration from the state government.”

While addressing the potential legal consequences, Otti emphasized the need to address the issue and acknowledged the challenge of insufficient staff, stating, “We do not have the number of hands that were previously reported, and we are actively working to fill these gaps.”

Additionally, the governor pledged to boost the health sector by hiring more health workers.

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