Under Investigation, Ronaldinho Fails to Appear in Court

Former Brazilian and Barcelona star Ronaldinho faces legal issues once again after missing a court hearing.

He was supposed to appear in court on Tuesday to testify about a Bitcoin brand facing fraud allegations.

The bitcoin, known as 18kRonaldinho, promised investors over 2% daily profits with an investment of $30 or more. However, it turned out to be a scam, resulting in a civil suit of €56.5 million.

Ronaldinho is suspected of being involved in the scam, prompting the court to issue an order to forcibly bring him to appear this Tuesday.

According to Sport, Ronaldinho’s defence claims that his likeness and image were used without his consent.

Daily Stand recalls that this is not the first time the Brazilian football legend has faced legal issues. One of the most prominent incidents was his detention by Paraguayan police for using a false passport to enter the country.

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