Tolanibaj Shares Belief that People Pretend to Enjoy Marriage

  • Tolanibaj said people pretend to enjoy marriage
  • She shared this belief in an Instagram post
  • Came after a Twitter user asked what people fake enjoying

On Saturday, reality TV star Tolanibaj said on Instagram that she believes people pretend to enjoy marriage.

In an Instagram post, Tolanibaj stated that most individuals pretend to like marriage. This came after a Twitter user asked what people fake enjoying.

Tolanibaj quoted the tweet before sharing her belief that “most people fake enjoy marriage.”

Social media users’ reaction to her perspective on this;

anyigold7 said: “Marriage is a beautiful thing and it’s a blessing…alot of people are enjoying the union called marriage…tolani bcuz ur parents didn’t enjoy marriage does not mean that alot are not enjoying marriage”

shes__precious__ said: “That’s because the PR for bad marriage is more than the PR for good marriage. There are some people really enjoying this companionship of a thing.”

iamteebecks wrote: “With the right partner it’s beautiful otherwise you will suffer physically or psychologically.”

sir_eltee wrote: “While challenges exist in marriage, many couples genuinely cherish the journey together. It’s not perfect but a lot of people genuinely find joy, companionship, and support in marriage. It’s a unique journey for each couple, and painting it with a broad brush overlooks the depth of meaningful relationships.”

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