Ideas To Ask a Girl to Be Your Girlfriend

10 Simple Ideas To Ask a Girl to Be Your Girlfriend

So you have found that special girl but cannot figure out how to ask a lady out? Never fear, as we have 10 cute ideas on how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend. In this article, you will find tips on how to ask a girl out over text, online, or in real life. Check it out!

How to ask a girl to be your girlfriend

After several dates, you should be able to understand whether a person is right for you or not. And if you feel like you want to take your relationship to the next level, you should consider these cool ideas on how to ask a girl to become your girlfriend. Take out your pen and paper and take notes!

1. Create a treasure hunt for her

Everybody loves a little adventure. So why not turn your proposal into a little treasure hunt? You can invite her to a place that is significant to both of you, where, instead of meeting you, she will find the first clue. With each new clue, take her to another meaningful place. The last clue should lead to you all dressed up and ready to ask her to be your girlfriend.

Note: Do not make it too long and complicated. Three to five clues should be more than enough. Otherwise, she will get bored halfway through and give up before reaching you.

2. Go old school

Do you remember the times when you could just ask a person out on a note? Ah, those adorable little notes that said, ‘Will you go out with me?’ with the answers ‘yes’ and ‘no’ underneath. Why not go back in time and ask a girl out with a cute handwritten note?

This option is most suitable if you work or study together. That way, you can either pass her the note in person or secretly hide it in her things. Do not forget to sign it, though!

3. Organize a flash mob

Ask your friends (and hers, if you know them) to help you stage a cute flash mob. Think of a short and fun number that would capture her attention. It can be dancing, singing, or anything you can think of. Look at Disney movies and musicals for inspiration, for example.

Even if you think you have no talent, just make it as memorable and romantic as you can. Use balloons and flowers, but, most importantly, make it about her. Make her feel special and loved. You can also film the whole thing so that you can reminisce about it in the future.

4. Cook her something special

If you are certain that your girl loves sweets and is not on a diet, then consider this option. You can make her cupcakes that spell out your question. Alternatively, you can bake some cookies with custom romantic fortunes.

If you do not know how to cook but have some extra cash, you can order cupcakes from your local bakery. Ask them to write a special message on them and have them deliver the cupcakes to her doorstep.

5. Let it be a perfect ending to a perfect date

Plan the most perfect date you can think of. Take into account all the things your girl likes and try to incorporate them. Be your best self during the whole thing. In the end, bust out ‘the question’. However, do not go down on one knee, or she will think you want to marry her without even dating first.

6. Write a poem

If you have even the slightest bit of talent, you should write a short poem for your potential girlfriend. You do not need to be Shakespeare; just tell her about your feelings and ask if she wants to go out with you.

To make it more romantic, break it into several parts and ask your friends to give them to her one by one. Deliver the last part with the question yourself, so that you can get the answer firsthand.

7. Ask her over text

This option is more of a last resort. Asking a person out is important, and it is preferred that you do it face-to-face. However, if you are somehow unable to do it or you feel like your nerves will get the better of you, you can send her a text.

Correction: Make it a string of texts. Pour your heart out into each text and explain why you cannot do it in person. Do not attempt to write a novel; keep it short and sweet. You can apply your sense of humour, but do not go overboard, or she will think you are joking.

How to ask a girl out online

We live in the digital age when you do not have to be physically close to being emotionally close. If you want to ask out a girl that you like over the Internet, there are plenty of creative ways to do it. We came up with the cutest three options that would melt your girl’s heart.

8. Make a cute website

Depending on your skills and financial situation, this option might mean different things. If you know how to create websites, make one from scratch. If you do not, pay someone else to do it or use one of the free platforms. You can even use Tumblr for this purpose.

The website itself can be whatever you want it to be. It can contain a collage of your pictures together, fun little games, or just the phrase ‘Will you be my girlfriend?’ in large letters. The only limit is your imagination. Even the website link itself can be your inside joke or something related to your potential girlfriend.

9. Make a video

Once again, there are multiple ways you can spin this. It can be a recording of yourself singing, reading a poem, or asking her ‘the question’. Alternatively, it can be a time-lapse of your dates or a compilation of short video clips of you together.

Make the video private right away if you want her to be the only one who sees it. However, you can make it public and ask your friends to leave cute comments. Just be sure you ask the right people and keep track of the comment section. Otherwise, you might end up with a bunch of inappropriate messages.

10: Be creative with the Instagram tiles

Instagram has a very convenient layout for thinking outside the box (literally). You can use it to your advantage if you want to ask a girl out. Post three, six, or nine pictures that will only make sense if you look at them together.

For example, take a photo of you holding a sign with ‘the question’ and cut it into several pictures. You can either do it yourself or use any of the apps you can find online. Alternatively, you can just make several pictures with separate words that spell out the question you are trying to ask.

What to say when asking a girl out

When you are trying to ask a girl to become your girlfriend, it is best not to overcomplicate everything. If you really like the girl, you are going to be extremely nervous. That is why you should not plan long speeches with loud proclamations of love.

Instead, stick to a simple message. Tell her how much you enjoy her company, express your feelings, and just ask her if she wants to be your girlfriend. If she likes you back, words would not matter all that much.

That is all for our ideas on asking a girl out. Find your best way to ask a girl out, add some of your natural charm, and go for it! Just do your best and be yourself, and if she is the one, she will definitely say yes. Good luck, and don’t mess it up!

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