November 18: Mayor Declares “Davido Day” in Atlanta

Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens has officially acknowledged the impactful contributions of Nigerian-American singer David Adeleke, widely known as Davido, to the city’s entertainment scene.

This recognition comes in the aftermath of Davido’s headline performance at the A.W.A.Y Festival held at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta on November 18.

In a birthday message to Davido on November 21, 2023, Mayor Dickens expressed gratitude, highlighting Davido’s global influence as a music icon.

The Mayor commended the artist for his multifaceted role as a singer, songwriter, producer, business leader, philanthropist, and community advocate.

The proclamation of “Davido Day” serves as a tribute to his remarkable career and ongoing efforts to contribute to communities in both the United States and Africa.

The Atlanta City Council, in an official statement, solidified this declaration on November 18, 2023, officially marking it as “Davido Day” in the city.

The council members recognized Davido’s exceptional impact on a global scale and expressed appreciation on behalf of Atlanta’s citizens.

Simultaneously, the Fulton County Board of Commissioners joined the chorus of appreciation by declaring November 21 as “Davido Appreciation Day” in Fulton County, Georgia. Acknowledging Davido’s significant contributions to the music and entertainment industry, the board commended him for his achievements and proclaimed a day in his honour.

These recognitions highlight Davido’s widespread influence, not only in the field of music but also as a positive force within the communities he touches, both in the United States and Africa.

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