Actress Wunmi Toriola

Nollywood Star Wunmi Toriola Embraces Co-Parenting After Divorce

Popular Nollywood actress Wunmi Toriola, opened up about her post-divorce life in a recent interview with actress Debbie Shokoya.

Toriola revealed that co-parenting has become a sensible choice for her and her estranged husband.

Shedding light on their relationship after the divorce, Toriola emphasized the significance of the co-parenting dynamic.

In her own words, Toriola shared, “I see that even co-parenting makes sense, we could have ended up being friends but a lot of us do not understand that some people are for marriage while some are meant to be friends.”

Elaborating on the practical aspects, Toriola explained, “We co-parent better. I can’t train a child alone and the child will start loving the other parent who is far away. I don’t want to be giving a 1950 prologue so I allowed him. He is 100% involved with his child.” recalls that Wunmi Toriola married her ex-husband in 2018, and they later separated in 2022.

The couple shares a son, and Toriola’s insights into their co-parenting approach provide a glimpse into her evolving post-divorce journey.

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