Umaru Bago

“No Kaftan”: Niger State Governor Bans Civil Servants From Wearing Native Attires To Work

Niger State Governor, Umaru Bago, has banned civil servants from wearing traditional outfits like kaftans and Babanriga to offices on weekdays.

The announcement was made during an event where the governor introduced new equipment in Wushishi Local Government Area.

Governor Bago emphasized the need for a more formal dress code, stating that only English attire would be allowed from Monday to Thursday.

He warned of dismissal for non-compliance, highlighting his commitment to a professional work environment.

The move reflects a shift towards a business-oriented atmosphere and aligns with the governor’s vision for increased productivity and focus on agriculture.

“From Monday, we will issue an order preventing civil servants from wearing kaftan and Babanriga to work between Monday and Thursday. No Babanriga, No Kaftan, we are here to work. Anybody who wants to wear Babanriga should resign. We are also going to engage in serious farming activities going forward,”  the governor said

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