Aunty Ramota in Anikulapo series

Netizens surprised as Kunle Afolayan features Aunty Ramota in Anikulapo series

The Nigerian actress Aunty Ramota is set to appear in Kunle Afolayan’s Anikulapo series on Netflix, which has excited many movie lovers online.

Kunle Afolayan, the famous filmmaker, recently posted project updates and pictures of Aunty Ramota on his Instagram. These pictures show her on the set of the series.

“Guess who this is?? Anikulapo-Rise of the spectre is coming. #anikulapotheseries #anikulaporiseofthespectre”, Kunle Afolayan captioned alongside pictures.

During the shoot, Aunty Ramota was spotted alongside the series’ main actress, Bimbo Ademoye, as they got ready to film a scene together.

Despite the character’s outfit, social media users managed to recognize Aunty Ramota and expressed their reactions in the comments section.

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