Mayorkun Ends Ties with Calabar, Vows Never to Perform there Again

Mayorkun, a popular Nigerian singer, has decided to cut connections with Calabar’s festival scene following an unspecified incident during his recent performance.

The singer expressed his disappointment on social media, stating he may never return to Calabar for future festivals.

CALABAR, You’ll probably NEVER EVER see me again, goodluck to the other artistes coming for your festivals tho”

The lack of details surrounding the incident adds to the confusion, leaving fans and the music community puzzled about the nature of the negative encounter.


Fellow musician Iyanya’s public appeal for the return of a stolen item belonging to Mayorkun further adds to the distress.

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The sudden withdrawal disrupts Calabar’s artistic landscape, potentially impacting future performers and casting a shadow over the vibrant cultural scene.

Mayorkun Ends Ties with Calabar

The specific details of the incident remain unknown, leaving everyone wondering about the cause of Mayorkun’s decisive and public denouncement.

The situation is uncertain, and any further developments may provide clarity on the experience.

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