Carter Efe

Carter Efe Explains How Fatherhood Changed His Life, Stops Him From Dancing In Underwear Online

  • Carter Efe says he acts differently as a father, stopping risky online content
  • He won’t separate comedy from music as music is a gift and instincts guide him
  • Misses simplicity like playing football before fame, looks for character in relationship

Carter Efe, the popular Nigerian skit maker, explains in an interview with Saturday Beats that he does things differently now as a father.

He says he has stopped doing certain things like posting videos of himself dancing in boxers online. Fatherhood has made him upgrade his craft and he cannot keep doing the same things or people will get tired.

He also states he has no plans to separate comedy from music as music is a gift from God. His “states and capital” song went viral beyond expectations even though it’s funny and he’s a comedian. He usually obeys his instincts and calls other artists when he feels like it. For him, music and comedy are not distinct so he won’t separate them.

Speaking on why he likes Lagos, the Delta State-born creator says everyone there is a hustler, determined and serious about business. He loves Lagos because one can easily make it there as people don’t sleep. He barely sleeps at night himself.

Highlighting simple things he missed before fame, he says he could play football or take a walk but now can’t do things randomly. He misses a lot but is okay as long as he’s making money.

Asked what he wants in a partner, he says character and her relationship with God come before getting into a relationship, though he’s currently in one.

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