Lagos Bus Drivers

Lagos Bus Drivers Defy 25% Fare Cut Directive, Give Reason

Lagos, Nigeria – Bus drivers in Lagos State have ignored a government directive to lower travel costs by 25%. Commuters report no visible reduction, as fares still vary based on passenger numbers and traffic conditions.

Many drivers argue that lowering fares would harm their businesses. Dele, a regular passenger, mentioned, “I haven’t seen any 25% reduction. Prices change with passengers and traffic.”

Hope, another commuter, confirmed no fare reduction after the government’s order. Some drivers at bus parks find the 25% cut unrealistic due to increased costs, like fuel prices.

Adewale, a bus operator, believes fuel costs should drop first. “Reducing ticket prices won’t lower my fare,” he stated. Other drivers, like Pastor, echoed the sentiment, highlighting the rising costs of essentials.

However, Yaro, a driver, cut fares prior to the government’s directive due to decreased passenger numbers.

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