Defensive Midfielder (CMD) Roles and Responsibilities in Football or Soccer

Kimmich defensive midfielder Kimmich defensive midfielder

The central defensive midfielder (CMD) is one of the most crucial yet underappreciated roles on a football team. Acting as a shield in front of the backline, the defensive midfielder breaks up opposition attacks, initiates passing moves, and sets the tempo of the game.

While Number 10 must have a playmaker ability, the great defensive midfielders possess excellent positional sense, tackling ability, and distribution skills.

Throughout football history, top teams have usually had a world-class defensive midfielder marshalling the center of the pitch.

Defensive Midfielder Numbers and Importance

Defensive midfielders traditionally wear the number 6 or number 4 shirt. The number 6 harks back to the days when teams often deployed a center-half in a defensive midfield function to provide extra protection to the defense.

defensive midfielder

CMD offer great value to teams as they allow more attack-minded players further forward more creative freedom, safe in the knowledge that the defense is being screened.

The CMD role has grown in prominence in the last 20 years as formations and tactics have evolved to become more dynamic and possession-oriented.

Qualities of a Good Defensive Midfielder

The best defensive midfielders exhibit both physical and technical qualities that make them highly effective:

  • Excellent tackling timing and ability to win possession cleanly
  • Awareness of space and danger, cutting out passes and through balls
  • Agility and athleticism to cover ground rapidly
  • Strength and aggression in 50-50 battles but maintaining discipline
  • Reliable passing and retention of the ball under pressure
  • Ability to keep possession with simple sideways and back passes
  • Capacity to switch play with longer cross-field passes
  • Tactical intelligence to screen gaps and plug holes as they open up

Great CMD Through History

Certain defensive midfielders stand out for redefining the role and dominating games from their position:

  • Claude Makelele: His performances for Real Madrid and Chelsea made the defensive midfield role fashionable. His intelligent reading of the play, tidy possession, timely tackling, and selfless industry were exemplary.
  • Patrick Vieira: The heart of Arsenal’s best teams, Vieira combined athleticism with skill and drive. His battles with Roy Keane characterized the intensity of the Premier League era.
  • Sergio Busquets: Passing masterclass and positional brilliance have underpinned Barcelona and Spain’s possession game. Sets the tempo.
  • N’Golo Kante: A bundle of inexhaustible energy for Chelsea and France, his dynamic ball-winning, and interceptions were key to several title wins.
  • Xabi Alonso: Dictated games for Liverpool, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich with his extraordinary long passing and dominance of midfield spaces.

Types of Central Defensive Midfielders

While good defensive midfielders share core traits, there are stylistic variations:

N’golo Kante
  • Anchor: Holds central position to shield defense while more creative players have license to roam. Think Busquets.
  • Ball-winner: Ultra-competitive all-action midfielder focused on regaining possession high up the pitch. Example: Kante.
  • Deep-lying playmaker: patrols in front of defense while initiating attacking moves from deep with expansive passing. See: Alonso.
  • Hybrid: A blend of defensive and creative traits that contribute at both ends. Think Steven Gerrard or Bastian Schweinsteiger.

Best Modern Defensive Midfielders

Currently, the standout CMD at the top level globally include:

  • Casemiro (Real Madrid): Tough tackling and expert reading of danger. Allows Madrid’s creators to attack.
  • Rodri (Manchester City): Model modern anchor man with exceptional passing range and interceptions. Ideal for Guardiola’s system.
  • Fabinho (Liverpool): Shores up Liverpool’s midfield with drive and positional excellence. Offers a goal threat too from set-pieces.
  • Joshua Kimmich (Bayern Munich): Playing deeper now, his world-class delivery from wide areas and combativeness strengthen Bayern.
  • Marcelo Brozovic (Inter Milan): The heartbeat of Inter with his lion-like ball-winning and distribution providing the platform for team attacks.


The defensive midfielder will continue to thrive as the game evolves. Positionally intelligent players who can win possession, retain the ball under pressure, and build attacks offer immense value.

Every top team relies on a high-quality defensive midfielder to control games. Teams lacking a competent shield for their defense often struggle regardless of their attacking firepower. The defensive midfielder role is complex, specialised, and pivotal.

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