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Best 100+ yoga quotes About Life Balance That Makes Mat Your Friend

Yoga is an ancient practice that focuses on bringing balance and harmony to the mind, body and spirit through physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation.

Practicing yoga regularly can help us find greater balance in all areas of our lives – relationships, work, health and more.

The following over 100 quotes capture the essence of yoga and provide inspiration on how cultivating balance through a yoga practice can lead to peace, purpose and meaning in life.

Quotes on Finding Balance and Harmony Through Yoga

  1. “Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.” – B.K.S. Iyengar
  2. “Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are.” – Jason Crandell
  3. “Yoga helps me quiet the restlessness of my mind.” – Unknown
  4. “Yoga connects you how to live.” – Rolf Gates
  5. “The body benefits from movement and the mind benefits from stillness.” – Sakyong Mipham

Quotes on Using Yoga to Achieve Peace and Calm

  1. “Yoga brings peace to your mind. It draws your awareness inward.” – Unknown
  2. “When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others.” – Peace Pilgrim
  3. “Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” – The Bhagavad Gita
  4. “Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.” – B.K.S. Iyengar
  5. “Yoga allows you to find a new kind of freedom that you may not have known even existed.” – Christie Turlington

Quotes on How Yoga Cultivates Balance in All Aspects of Life

  1. “Yoga links us to an inner world that provides balance.” – Unknown
  2. “Yoga gives balance; balance gives freedom; and freedom leads to joy.” – Unknown
  3. “Skill in living depends on maintaining balance.” – Anahata
  4. “As balance brings calm, calm brings strength.” – Yogi Bhajan
  5. “Yoga creates balance in the body through developing both strength and flexibility.” – Patanjali
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Quotes on Using Your Breath to Find Balance

  1. “Yoga happens when we discover the power of breath to balance our minds and bodies.” ― Dan Hodgins
  2. “Breath is the king of mind.”- K. Pattabhi Jois
  3. “Breath control is the key to control over body and mind.” – Swami Rama
  4. “Yoga begins with paying attention to your breath and then being led by your breath to the next beautiful moment.” ― Kate Holcombe
  5. “Breath is aligned to moments. Moments are aligned to meditation. Meditation takes you to your breath. Thus, the circle is complete.” – Unknown

Quotes on Balancing Strength and Flexibility

  1. “Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees.” – B.K.S Iyengar
  2. “Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.” – B.K.S. Iyengar
  3. “Yoga increases flexibility as muscles stretch and tone the body; endurance through gradual buildup of stamina; and body awareness through relaxation.” – Unknown
  4. “Yoga brings balance through developing strength, as well as flexibility of body and mind. This helps us stay centered and at peace.” – Unknown
  5. “Yoga builds physical vitality and enhances clarity of mind.” – Erich Shiffmann

Quotes on How Yoga Balances Your Mind, Body and Spirit

  1. “Yoga balances and strengthens the body, mind, and spirit.” – Tara Stiles
  2. “Yoga aims to balance the energies of the mind, body, and spirit.” – Christy Turlington
  3. “Yoga brings the body into balance with refreshed vitality, calmed nerves, increased self-understanding and greater consciousness.” – BKS Iyengar
  4. “The very heart of yoga practice is balance – balance between mind and body, balance between energies, balance between effort and ease.” – Erich Schiffmann
  5. “Yoga calls for effort balanced by ease. Effort in the practice counterbalanced by ease in effortless stillness. When we learn to balance the two, we experience the unified stillness behind it.” – Erich Schiffmann

Quotes on Achieving Life Balance Through Yoga

  1. “When there is balance between activity and calmness, that is yoga.” – Amit Ray
  2. “Life itself seeks equilibrium and harmony. Most occasions of big trouble or turmoil in life descend from losing balance.” – Bryant McGill
  3. “As yoga brings energy into balance into body, mind and spirit, one’s own nature finds itself.” – B.K.S. Iyengar
  4. “Yoga brings balance and health to your life. As balance and health lead to happiness, yoga gives access to real happiness, lively, bubbling with joy.” – Amit Ray
  5. “Skill in living depends on how we handle emotion, master thoughts and communicate with others – all life skills enhanced by yoga.” – Dana Santas

Quotes on Finding Balance Through Standing Poses

  1. “Standing poses teach balance – an essential life skill on and off the mat.” – Elena Brower
  2. “As standing poses strengthen and stretch the body, they train awareness required for balance.” – Judith Hanson Lasater
  3. “The standing poses are symbolic of life lessons in balance, centeredness and purpose.” – Tias Little
  4. “As standing poses build focus and stamina, they mirror how to stand steady through life’s challenges.” – Kathryn Budig
  5. “Yoga standing balances pose challenge yet train equanimity required for life balance.” – Rolf Gates

Quotes on Finding Balance Through Arm Balances

  1. “Arm balances challenge yet cultivate incredible balance physically and mentally.” – Kathryn Budig
  2. “As arm balances challenge fears, they teach courage and balance for life’s tests.” – Jason Crandell
  3. “Arm balances build focus, patience and compassion – elevating life balance.” – Janet Stone
  4. “The arm balancing process mirrors balancing life – stay steady through each moment with compassion.” – Briohny Smyth
  5. “Arm balances strengthen the center, increase confidence and possibility – elevating life balance.” – Kathryn Budig

Quotes on Balancing Backbends and Forward Folds

  1. “Balancing heart-opening backbends with surrendering forward folds helps balance body and mind.” – Bryan Kest
  2. “Backbends strengthen and stretch the front of the body as forward folds target the back – balancing opposites.” – B.K.S Iyengar
  3. “Balancing backbends with forward folds mirrors life – through strength then surrender, we find balance.” – Cyndi Lee
  4. “The contrast of backbends and forward folds teaches balance – how to open in order to release what no longer serves.” – Seane Corne
  5. “When practiced together, backbends and forward folds bring equilibrium by working opposing sides.” – Bernie Clark

Quotes on Contrast and Balance in Inversions

  1. “Inversions embody our human desire for contrast, a change in perspective – helping regain balance.” – Jason Crandell
  2. “By turning upside down in inversions, we counter the forces of gravity – finding new balance and perspective.” – Shiva Rea
  3. “Balancing weight differently in inversions creates space to renew strength and flexibility anew.” – Judith Hanson Lasater
  4. “The blood redirects and the brain resets as inversions shift our literal view to symbolic life balance.” – Elena Brower
  5. “By reversing the body through inversions, yoga symbolically turns life right-side up toward true balance.” – Cyndi Lee

Quotes on Balancing Effort and Ease in Poses

  1. “Practice balancing effort and ease to unlock the doorways to life balance.”― Erich Schiffmann
  2. “Real progress comes in understanding the balance of effort and ease – advancing poses yet softening excess effort.” ― Jon Cohen
  3. “Yoga balances effort and ease – steady practice with patience for where we are now.” ― J Brown
  4. “As in yoga poses, balance effort by softening – opening to life as it unfolds.” ― Black Fox Lotus
  5. “Yoga balances strength with surrender. Bring effort to poses while accepting imperfections with compassion.” ― Caitlin Downey

Quotes On Using Yoga for Life Balance Off the Mat

yoga quotes about balance
  1. “Yoga’s ultimate purpose is gaining balance in all spheres of life including career, relationships and health.” – B.K

Quotes on Using Yoga Philosophy for Life Balance

  1. “Yoga philosophy teaches that balancing opposites brings harmony in life’s every dimension.” – Sarva Tim Osmuns
  2. “The middle path of moderation taught in yoga philosophy helps navigate life’s extremes back to balance.”- Jivamukti Yoga
  3. “Yoga wisdom provides a blueprint for life balance – steady practice of presence despite life’s inevitable ups and downs.”- philosophyofsport
  4. “Yoga’s spiritual teachings offer guiding principles for balancing relationships, work and self-care with wisdom.” – Ashtanga Yoga Project
  5. “Yoga’s emphasis on non-harming serves as an ethical guidepost to ensure life decisions align with balanced living.”- Claudine Lafond

Quotes on Balancing Work and Life with Yoga

  1. “The mental clarity yoga brings drips down into other areas of life, helping to strike balance between work, family and self.” – Kathryn Budig
  2. “Yoga helps us create healthy boundaries and coping tools – life skills that transfer directly to balancing work demands.” – Tanya Poppett
  3. “Yoga teaches us to work hard while staying conscious of alignment that mirrors aligning work and personal balance.”- Jason Crandell
  4. “Yoga’s emphasis on steady breath anchors us to regain life balance when work responsibilities mount.”- Beth Shaw
  5. “Yoga provides energy and rest when they’re needed most – renewing balance between work and home life.” – Rod Stryker

Quotes on Using Yoga to Balance Busy Schedules

  1. “Yoga helps prioritize and manage time more consciously, bringing balance to hurried life pace.” ― Gemma Farrell
  2. “Yoga gives us permission to slow down, process emotions and release stress – restoring balance when life speeds up.” ― Avital
  3. “Yoga brings balance to busy schedules through present moment awareness despite the constant pull of to-do lists.” ― Susanne Bertelsen
  4. “In racing life pace, yoga helps put on the brakes, step back and regain perspective – discovering pockets for balance.” ― Jason Crandall
  5. “Yoga’s emphasis on proper breathing anchors our hurried minds,realizing balance already exists in stillness beneath busyness.” ― Bernadette Divilly

Quotes on Balancing Technology Overuse with Yoga

  1. “Yoga helps balance increasing reliance on technology that fractures attention, breath and life balance.” – Chantal Lee Baudour
  2. “Yoga builds capacity to unplug from devices and tune into intuition – restoring human balance diminished by constant connectivity.” ― Radhanath Swami
  3. “Yoga brings balance to obsessive digital habits by training presence – redirecting awareness inward to rediscover life’s meaning.” ― Gloria Latham
  4. “In balancing real and virtual worlds, yoga literally grounds us to combat tech overload – foot by foot, breath by breath.” ― Dana Falsetti
  5. “Yoga balances anxious multitasking wired into devices by training single-task focus – elevating life’s simple joys.” ― Amy Ippoliti

Quotes on Balancing Stress with Yoga

  1. “Yoga balances life’s stressors through restorative postures – accessing ease amidst strain.” ― Lasater Institute
  2. “The balance yoga brings paves pathways to respond rather than react to life’s pressures with compassion over frustration.” ― Avital Cohen
  3. “Yoga helps replace stress accumulation patterns with counterparts of balance – breath by breath, choice by choice.” ― Dana Santas
  4. “In balancing intense emotions, yoga clears space for rational responses – defusing stress triggers before they ignite.” ― Bessel van der Kolk
  5. “Yoga helps balance turbulent times by training equilibrium – steady breath and courage to meet each moment as it comes. ―Kathryn Budig

Quotes on Using Yoga to Find Balance in Relationships

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  1. “Yoga unearths our wholeness within – helping discover self-acceptance that allows more authentic bonds.” ― Alexandria Crow
  2. “By balancing inner masculine and feminine energies in yoga, improved connections unfold in intimate relationships.” ― Cameron Shayne
  3. “As yoga unravels self-compassion, judgement softens – unlocking balance in all relationships.” ― Dana Falsetti
  4. “Yoga aligns us to our highest nature, improving how we communicate, respect boundaries and resolve conflict – balancing all relationships.” ― Pandit Rajmani Tugunait
  5. “Yoga creates space to process emotions with clarity, cultivating understanding between individuals – the cornerstone of balanced relationships.” ― Melissa Grabau

Quotes on Balancing Fitness and Flexibility with Yoga

  1. “In balancing fitness with flexibility, yoga creates lean, strong bodies less prone to injury with greater vitality.” ― Tanya Poppett
  2. “Yoga complements hardcore fitness regimens by accentuating alignment over effort – preventing burnout by restoring balance.” ― Alo Yoga
  3. “Asana balances strength training’s linear emphasis by spiraling energy equally through integrated movement.” ― Bernie Clark
  4. “Yoga balances fitness fanaticism through steadying breath – taking just one more conscious inhale, softening addictive perfectionism.” ― Jason Crandell
  5. “Yoga balances extreme exercise by training intrinsic core strength in stillness – accessing deepest core vitality renewed through relaxed movement.” ― Bernadette De Gasparre

Quotes on Balancing Patience and Progress in Yoga

  1. “Yoga balances effort and surrender through steadfast practice – elevating at your pace with compassion.” ― Briohny Smyth
  2. “Progress quickens once we stop struggling so hard – yoga balances patience for gradual opening with consistent practice.” ― Jason Crandell
  3. Yoga balances discipline with self-acceptance – steady practice without judgement when progress feels distant. ― Kathryn Budig
  4. “Yoga balances working hard yet softening effort, advancing inch-by-inch through practice without harsh self-critique.” ― Alyson Charles
  5. “Yoga balances impatience by training presence – returning again and again to each moment as it unfolds. ― Rolf Gates

Quotes on Balancing Strength and Vulnerability in Yoga

  1. “Yoga balances physical power with emotional openness – building spiritual strength to be vulnerable.” ― Alexandria Crow
  2. “Yoga balances physical power with emotional openness – building spiritual strength to be vulnerable.” ― Alexandria Crow
  3. “By balancing strong standing poses with surrender in forward folds, yoga opens us to support.” ― Melanie Klein
  4. “As yoga balances grounded standing postures with expansive backbends, walls soften – allowing support inward and outward.” ― Dana Falsetti
  5. “Yoga balances courage building asanas with stillness – creating safe inner space to unpack vulnerability.” ― Rose Kalman
  6. “Yoga balances dynamic movement with savasana surrender – building capability to receive support as much as give it.” ― Jolie Gorchov

Quotes on Balancing Self-Care and Service with Yoga

  1. “Yoga balances caring for others by teaching self-care comes first – filling your own cup to serve most authentically.” ― Tanya Poppett
  2. “Yoga returns us to the breath – nature’s subtle reminder that balancing self-care enables truly selfless service.” ― Shiva Rea
  3. “In serving tirelessly yet depleting prana, yoga restores energetic balance – steering purpose over martyrdom through compassionate being.” ― J Brown
  4. “Yoga balances selfless service by training loving presence – holding space for others yet learning consistently return home to reconnect.” ― Alexandria Crow


The ancient science of yoga provides an invaluable framework for living with greater balance, purpose and inner peace. While life will always involve challenges, practicing yoga can help us cultivate the steady presence and resilience to navigate whatever comes our way with wisdom and grace.

By learning to balance effort and ease, strength and surrender, we unlock our capability to find harmony between the different parts of ourselves. With this inner equilibrium comes deeper connections outward – understanding and supporting others while caring for ourselves. Though progress may feel slow at times, yoga teaches the patience that brings lasting change from the inside out.

By balancing outer achievement with inner contentment, selfless service with self-care – we begin living life’s every dimension from a place of wholeness, compassion and true balance.

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