Romantic birthday message for girlfriend

Romantic birthday messages with tips to write one for your girlfriend

It’s your girlfriend’s birthday, and you don’t know what to write? We can offer you a complete guide on what to write to your girlfriend on her special day! Take a look at the list of top 5 happy birthday message for a girlfriend.

Birthday message for your girlfriend

If you want to make this a really special day for your girlfriend, you have to compose the right message so she knows that she’s on your mind.

Romantic birthday message for girlfriend

Let’s take a look at the guide on how to write a birthday message to your girlfriend. These are some examples of popular “birthday message to my girlfriend.”

Top 5 Birthday wishes for girlfriend

1. Special Girl

special girl

This is a short message but it contains enough special words to feel her really good. For instance, “special girl”. This message also contains a promise: “I will make you…” and it ends with a compliment by expressing the beauty of the girlfriend. This is important.

2. For your birthday, darling

for birthday darling

Another great example of a good birthday message. First of all, instead of her name – use words like darling, sweetie, baby. Etc. Women love to hear these words from their man. Another great part of this message is the promise: “I`ll be here….” Girls like men who make and keep promises.

3. Happy birthday, baby

happy birthday baby

Make your girlfriend feel unique by giving her a special name. One more example of a promise in the message. And the last part is just perfect and simple – “I love you.”

4. Happy Birthday, Honey Pie

happy birthday honey pie

In this message, you are talking about how much you want to be with her all the time. This will melt her heart.

5. Keep it simple

Keep it simple

Sometimes you don’t need too many words to express your feelings about someone. Just be honest with your girlfriend and write this in your message.

Best tips on how to write Happy birthday message for girlfriend

1. It should be short

It’s better to keep any birthday messages short and simple! Even if you are a poet, you will need to keep things brief to keep from confusing her or making a mistake that could hurt her feelings.

2. It should evoke emotions

When you compose the “happy birthday message for my girlfriend” – you will need to check that your words show emotions. If your message does not show emotions or feelings – delete this message and start over.

3. It should be custom made message

There is no other person in the world who knows your girlfriend better than you. Even her mom does not know all the secrets of her soul. Therefore, when you write a message to your girlfriend – add some interesting peculiarities about her.

4. More beautiful words

Women love when men treat them like ladies. Therefore, when you write a message – use more words that describes her beauty. Compliment her and make her feel good.

5. Be clear about your intentions

Let her know your intentions. Remind her how special she is to you. Let her know that you have plans to be with her forever.

6. Show what you have to offer

You may also include special notes about yourself when you compose your message. For instance, you can write something like “I will always be there for you, baby.” Make her realise that there is a real man in her life.

7. Remind her to enjoy her day

This is her day, and it’s your job to make her see that. Send flowers, buy gifts and do what makes her happy. Let her know it’s all about her.

8. Make some promises

Every girl like a man who can make and keep the promises. Therefore, on her birthday talk about the things you want to do.

9. Do not be afraid to sound funny

Show her you have a sense of humour. Express your love in sweet, lovely, and funny words. Try to think of something that will make her giggle.

10. Tell her how much you love her

In the short message on her birthday, you will need to remind her that you love her very much.



When you write a message for your girlfriend – you should have only one goal – to make her happy. Keep these tips in mind so you can compose the best message. Write the right things. Make promises and keep them!

You can use the romantic messages from the Top 5 birthday messages for your girlfriend, but it’s recommended that you write your own.

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