Wumi Toriola

Wumi Toriola Open to Being a Second Wife, Says It Doesn’t Bother Her

Nollywood actress, Wumi Toriola has stated that if she ever finds herself in such a circumstance, she is willing to become someone’s second wife.

The divorced mother-of-one highlighted that she did not mind marrying a man who already has a wife since she is now “after one.”

In a recent interview with media personality Debbie Shokoya, the 35-year-old actress disclosed that she hasn’t been seeing anyone for a while now.

The actress said that most men avoid approaching female celebrities because they mistakenly believe that they are only interested in wealthy guys, but this isn’t the case with all of them.

Toriola said; “I used to have the mindset that I can’t be a second or third wife but that has changed because I’m after-one now. If I see an after-one like me too or a widower, I will marry him. What matters is my happiness.”

In other news, popular Nigerian singer, Davido, and his wife, Chioma, were recently spotted at a birthday party in the United States on Sunday, November 12.

This marks the couple’s first public appearance together since the birth of their twin children in October.

In the recent video, the celebrity couple, especially Chioma, looked stunning as they posed for a photograph with their family members and other guests at the party.

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