Singer Shallipopi

Shallipopi Graduates from Auchi Polytechnic

Popular Nigerian musician Crown Uzama, known as Shallipopi, recently marked a significant milestone by graduating from Auchi Polytechnic in Edo State.

The graduation ceremony showcased Shallipopi’s achievement, capturing the essence of the moment as he proudly received his degree in computer science.

In a now-viral video circulating on social media, Shallipopi can be seen celebrating the joyous occasion with enthusiastic friends.

His exuberant expression and the declaration, “We are out of here, I’m not coming to school again,” echoed his triumphant departure from academic life.

Shallipopi’s journey to fame began with the release of his debut single, ‘Elon Musk,’ a track that played a pivotal role in propelling him into the spotlight.

The artist’s commitment to both education and his music career reflects a commendable balancing act, drawing attention to his multifaceted talents.

As Shallipopi embarks on a new chapter post-graduation, his story serves as an inspiration, showcasing the convergence of artistic passion and academic dedication in the dynamic landscape of Nigerian music.

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