Mohbad’s Death: Actress Uche Ogbodo Calls Out Nigerians for Hypocrisy on Tough Issues

Nollywood actress Uche Ogbodo addressed Nigerians regarding the tragic demise of the promising musician Mohbad.

She shared her thoughts on Instagram, pointing out that Nigerians often talk a lot but don’t take action.

Uche highlighted the contradiction of urging people facing tough situations to speak up, only to mock and criticize them when they do.

She emphasized that Nigerians need to fully prepare before confronting the challenges ahead.

She wrote;

“My God!!
Nigerians are all talk and No action!
I’ve been seeing why not speak out clearly yen yen yen!
But the people speaking out are being laughed at and ridiculed on the blogs and their platforms! We are not ready to face this monster head-on yet! Until we are.

Until we are ready to face the elephant in the room called bullying & harassment! Rest in peace to every fallen victim of bullying & harassment”.

Yusuf Olajide

As a skilled content writer and journalist, Yusuf Olajide possesses a keen eye for uncovering emerging trends and translating them into captivating narratives that engage readers and spark curiosity.

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