How I used Coke drink as my method for shiny toilet

Toilet and Coke Toilet and Coke

Keeping your toilet clean is crucial for maintaining hygiene rather than just appearance. Professional cleaning supplies, while effective, can be expensive and hazardous to health.

However, there’s a cheaper and safer alternative: a DIY method using a sponge dipped in a popular drink, Coca-Cola.

Many people opt for DIY toilet cleaning due to the high cost and potential health risks of store-bought supplies.

One common method involves mixing vinegar, salt, and cleaning liquid to remove stains and deposits.

Another surprising option is using Coca-Cola, whose orthophosphoric acid acts as a powerful cleaning agent.

To use Coca-Cola, simply pour it into the toilet bowl, ensuring it covers the entire surface. After an hour, or even overnight for better results, scrub the bowl with a brush and water as usual.

Alternatively, toothpaste can be used by mixing it with mouthwash and toilet gel to create a paste that revitalizes the toilet and removes stains.

For stubborn stains, apply the paste directly to the affected areas and leave it for six to eight hours before brushing and rinsing.

With these DIY techniques, you can keep your toilet clean and sparkling without breaking the bank or risking your health.