VeryDarkMan Slams Daddy Freeze for False Claims About Davido’s Displeasure with His Posts [PHOTO]

VeryDarkMan, Davido and Daddy Freeze VeryDarkMan, Davido and Daddy Freeze

Daddy Freeze, a media personality, has come under fire from social media activist Martins Vincent Otse, also known as Very Dark Man (VDM), for allegedly spreading false information about Davido, a Nigerian musician.

VDM claims that Daddy Freeze has been telling people that Davido has expressed he is weary of his (VDM) frequent posting on social media, implying that he talks too much.

VDM strongly refuted any such accusations from Davido, stressing his financial and personal independence, before this accusation was made public on his Instagram story.

According to VDM, “He [Davido] cannot do that, he doesn’t feed me, he doesn’t clothe me, he doesn’t pay my rent. I Martins Vincent Otse a.k.a Very Dark Man cover my expenses.”

VeryDarkMan Slams Daddy Freeze for False Claims About Davidos Displeasure with His Posts

This confrontation is particularly surprising given the previously known close relationship between Davido and VDM.

The two have been seen together on several occasions, with Davido even referring to VDM as a “freedom fighter” on social media, a term that sparked mixed reactions among their followers.

VDM has been a staunch defender of Davido in the past, notably during controversies such as the alleged incident involving Davido’s bodyguards in Abuja.

VDM stood up for Davido, dismissing reports of misconduct due to lack of evidence and showing the negative bias often directed at the singer.

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