Ighalo with his ex wife

Sonia Ighalo presses Jude to tell the world how she changes his world

Nigeria Super Eagles forward Jude Ighalo‘s ex-wife, Sonia, is not slowing down as she continues to drag him on social media.

The estranged couple have in the past few days been throwing subtle shades at each other.

In her previous post on Instagram, Sonia dared the footballer to utter another word as she vowed to do the unexpected.

In a new post, Sonia implied that she was the one who made it possible for him to move to the UK and that she also assisted Jude’s elder brother in relocating.

She further disclosed that Jude Ighalo shares updates on the women he has dated, such as an actress, a BBNaija star, and a DJ.

She also revealed that the footballer has been impregnating different women all over the world.

Sonia claimed that Jude is still upset over her being in a relationship and that he has not moved on.

In her words, “Tell the World how I changed your life from being Udinese B list player to the person you are today. Tell the World if not ME, you for no smell United Kingdom-WATFORD FC to be precise, (your pathway to stardom). Atleast your agent is still alive to talk if I lie. Tell the World how I helped your immediate elder bro to Europe and gave him documents. Tell the World how I helped you in your last nations cup – after we got humiliated in Russia 2018 WC Tell the World who Adesuwa is to YOU!!!! Y’all wonder why this man won’t let me go despite our separation… saying he has moved ON I see people move on to where? Someone who is currently angry because I’m in a relationship LOL Oloshos be defending thinking he will wifey ’em LMAO Man gives daily report of y’all, how he dated a naija actress and was like “I just take my share inside” dated DJ and was like that one wey be olosho de do like baby she always want to associate with the rich your fav BBN girl, na gucci bag I take enter that one How Sierra Leone designer got hospitalized after posting their lovey dovey video on IG Wish y’all goodluck tho♡ Una mind no go touch ground.

“People will provoke you until they bring out your ugly side, then play victim when you go there. Jesus baby impregnating different women all over the world Your mama too spoil your life. Well it’s a covenant !! !! !! Hope your money no go finish wey u take de pay people to de comment rubbish frm blog to blog cox children school fees don near o.”

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