Oyo NDLEA reported over 400 alleged drug offenders arrested in 2023

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency in Oyo State announced on Wednesday that over 400 alleged drug offenders were apprehended in 2023.

Authorities confiscated roughly 8 tons of banned substances valued at over 135 million naira and convicted 54 people on drug charges ranging from 6 months to 10 years in prison.

The state commander, Olayinka Joe-Fadile, said the agency seized more than 3 tons of cannabis and other illicit materials worth over 125 million naira last year.

Officials also eradicated nearly 2 hectares of cannabis crops and destroyed over 4.6 tons of cannabis plants valued at over 10 million naira.

In total, “A total seizure of about eight tonnes of various Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances with a market value of ₦135, 602, 114.400” was reported. Out of 91 defendants charged, over half were convicted on drug offenses.

As Joe-Fadile stated, “Drug is a Catalyst for every Crime, Violent or not, Removing Drugs from the equation enhances our drive towards a Crime-free Society. It is our collective efforts against drug abuse that can sanitize our society.” He called on state and local governments to join the drug enforcement agency in combating substance abuse and trafficking.

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