Nigeria leads African local food consumption market in 2023 with jollof rice prominent

  • Nigeria takes the lead in local food orders, experiencing a significant surge in the popularity of jollof rice.
  • Glovo’s 2023 report showcases Nigerians’ strong preference for local cuisine, particularly jollof rice and chicken.
  • Glovo actively supports local businesses, expanding its partner base and fostering growth in Small and Medium Enterprises, demonstrating a commitment to business expansion and creating income opportunities.

Nigeria took center stage in the African market for local food consumption in 2023, with a notable preference for jollof rice.

Glovo’s survey indicated a remarkable 25-fold surge in local food orders throughout 2023, showcasing Nigeria as the leader in consumption trends.

Mrs. Lamide Akinola, General Manager of Glovo Nigeria, shared these insights in the company’s annual report released in Lagos last Friday.

Highlighting the top products ordered, she mentioned, “jollof rice, fried rice, asun rice, chicken, meat pie, and stir-fry spaghetti.”

Expressing Nigeria’s enduring fondness for its local cuisine, she emphasized the country’s proud position at the forefront of the African market and its noteworthy fourth global ranking in authentic local cuisine consumption.

Akinola remarked, “Despite the availability of other cuisines, this reflects Nigerians’ affection for local dishes, driven by the popularity of jollof rice.”

She noted a surge in delivered orders of jollof rice and the emergence of chicken as another standout performer in the food scene during 2023.

While acknowledging growth in orders throughout the weeks, she emphasized that Fridays dominated, securing the majority of total weekly orders.

Akinola disclosed that the top-earning courier in 2023 made N3,264,039, underscoring the income opportunities Glovo provides in the multi-category industry.

She highlighted a 192% increase in partners on the app and a substantial 216% growth in Small and Medium Enterprises in 2023, emphasizing Glovo’s commitment to onboarding local stores and facilitating their business expansion.

Akinola reiterated the company’s dedication to supporting local stores and fostering their growth, emphasizing a steadfast commitment to business expansion.

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