Ronaldo, Joshua and Messi

Anthony Joshua Wants Messi vs. Ronaldo in Boxing Ring, Reveals Winner

British-Nigerian boxer, Anthony Joshua, has expressed his desire to witness a boxing match between football legends Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Joshua, aged 33, envisions their personal rivalry extending into the realm of combat sports, favouring Ronaldo, the Portuguese star, to triumph over the Argentine.

In a recent interview posted on YouTube, Joshua was asked to name two non-boxers he’d like to see engage in a fight solely based on their personalities.

He promptly suggested ‘Ronaldo versus Messi,’ thereby introducing one of modern football’s fiercest rivalries to a new arena.

When asked about his prediction for the winner, Joshua confidently endorsed Ronaldo. He then added, ‘I love Messi and Ronaldo. Messi’s got that vision though. I can imagine him bobbing and weaving, angles, but yeah, it’d be tough. They’re both as good as each other.’

However, Joshua declined to nominate a non-boxer he’d personally challenge in a crossover bout, stating, ‘I got no beef with no one’.

When presented with the notion of squaring off against the Portuguese icon, Joshua conveyed his profound respect for Ronaldo by saying, ‘Nah, I respect Ronaldo.’

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