Xavi makes U-turn on decision to leave FC Barcelona at end of the season

Xavi and Barcelona president Xavi and Barcelona president

Xavi, after announcing his departure from FC Barcelona last January, ultimately decided to stay following a meeting with President Joan Laporta and other leaders last night. However, not everyone agrees with this sudden change.

After months of uncertainty, Xavi finally opted to remain at FC Barcelona despite his earlier declaration.

His announcement to leave the Catalan club came on January 27, following a 5-3 home defeat against Villarreal, catching many off guard.

Despite the team’s subsequent successes, Xavi remained steadfast in his decision.

Xavi had repeatedly stated his intention to leave at the end of the season, echoing his sentiments at nearly every press conference.

Barça management attempted to sway his decision, considering alternatives such as Rafa Márquez, Thomas Tuchel, Jürgen Klopp, and Hansi Flick.

While the club’s management and some board members supported Xavi’s decision, others were sceptical.

The sporting director, Deco, favoured Rafa Márquez, but President Joan Laporta deemed it too risky.

Ultimately, Xavi reconsidered his decision, influenced by the team’s good results, the locker room atmosphere, and the management’s desire for him to stay.

This version of events was confirmed last night by FCB’s vice president, Rafa Yuste, following the agreement between Xavi and the club.