Harrysong vows to expose person who used juju on him

singer Harrysong singer Harrysong

Harrysong, the well-known musician, recently bravely declared his intention to reveal the person who allegedly used witchcraft against him.

After a turbulent divorce from his estranged wife, Alexer, and leaked conversations where Harrysong pushed for his wife to have an abortion due to her constant delivery of female children, the singer made this announcement.

On his Instagram story, Harrysong lamented how an unknown individual manipulated and disrupted his peaceful life. He firmly believes this person shattered his world with their witchcraft and charm.

The artist has vowed to expose this person, determined to reveal the truth and ensure the world knows about this situation.

Harrysong words read;

“You played me, forced yourself into my peaceful, beautifully blessed world with your juju, charm and witchcraft, only to tear it Down? Is that how much of a threat I am to your evil devilish kingdom? Jesus Christ. The world deserve to know the truth about you. I’ll expose you.”