FG Setup Committee to Investigate Lead British School’s Viral Bullying Video

Lead British School bullying video Lead British School bullying video

The Federal Ministry of Education formed a seven-member committee in response to a viral internet video showing bullying incidents at Lead British International School in Abuja.

Dr. Yusuf Tanko Sununu, the state minister for education, expressed deep concern over the video and reiterated the government’s opposition to harassment in schools.

The committee’s task is to investigate the incidents and assess other schools for social issues, using Lead British International School as a case study.

Dr. Sununu emphasized the importance of closer links between school administrators and students to address such problems promptly.

He reaffirmed the Ministry’s commitment to addressing vices within the education system and ensuring the safety and rights of all pupils.

Mrs. Didi Walson-Jack, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education, asked about an anonymous tip box at the school for grievances and suggested building rapport between teachers and pupils.

The delegation from Lead British International School, led by Mr. Abraham Ogunkanmbi, assured the Ministry that appropriate measures, including disciplinary sanctions, had been taken.

The Federal Ministry of Education is committed to creating secure learning environments for every student.

The ministry expressed dismay over the maltreatment of pupils in a statement signed by Folasade Boriowo, Director of Press and PR.

It denounced the crime and pledged to uncover the truth and hold those responsible accountable.

The statement partly reads: “The Federal Ministry of Education has become aware of an online video detailing seemingly instances of bullying at Lead British International School.

“We view these incidents with the utmost gravity and express our dismay and profound concern for the safety of all students within our
educational establishments.

“Bullying in any manifestation contravenes the fundamental rights and dignity of our young learners. Accordingly, the Ministry has initiated an investigation into the matter and will work closely with pertinent stakeholders to ensure culprits are brought to book to stop such unwholesome practices.

“The paramount objective remains the safeguarding and well-being of every student and ensuring a learning environment that is devoid of any form of violence and intimidation by whosoever.

“The Ministry will henceforth ensure a vigilant monitoring of negative practices in the schools as individuals are also encouraged to report any incidences of violence and intimidations.”