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What is George Farmer Net Worth?

George Farmer, the CEO of the popular alt-tech site Parlor, who is well-known for being Candace Owens’ husband, has a net worth of $180 million as of 2023.

Who is Candace Owens’ husband?

George Farmer is the CEO of Parler, a popular alternative social media platform. Parler, founded in 2018 by John Matze Jr. and Jared Thompson, is a place for people to discuss news and events. George Farmer became CEO in 2021.

Some call it “conservative Twitter” and it’s favoured by right-leaning users and conspiracy theorists.

In January 2021, Parler had 15 million users. It was especially popular among Donald Trump and Republican supporters during the 2020 election. However, Amazon, Apple, and Google banned it in November 2020, citing violence promotion.

Parler faces criticism for poor content moderation and allowing hate speech and conspiracy theories. It’s also linked to violent incidents, like the 2020 Capitol riot. Despite this, many conservatives still use it.

George Farmer’s wife, Candace Owens, is a conservative commentator and activist. She used to work for Turning Point USA, a group promoting far-right ideas among college students. Currently, she hosts The Candace Owens Show on The Daily Wire.

Owens supports Donald Trump and criticizes the Black Lives Matter movement. However, she has also criticized Trump and the Republican Party in the past.

George Farmer’s Age

When is George Farmer birthday? George Farmer was born in 1989 in London, England. However, Candace Owens’ husband is 34 years old as of 2023.

Profile Summary

Full nameGeorge Farmer
Famous asCandace Owens’ husband
Age34 years (as of 2023)
BirthplaceLondon, England
Alma materSt. Paul’s School and Oxford University
Educational qualificationDegree in Theology
CareerBusinessman and political activist
GrandparentsEleanor Best and David Farmer
FatherLord Michael Stahel Farmer
MotherJenny Farmer
Marital statusMarried
WifeCandace Owens (2019-present)
Height in feet5 feet 11 inches
Height in metres1.8
Hair colourLight brown
Eye colourDark brown
Net worth$180 million

Parents and siblings

George Farmer’s mom is Jenny Farmer, and his dad is Lord Michael Farmer, who is a British businessman who used to handle money for the Conservative Party and likes helping others.

In addition, George has two siblings, and his dad is in the House of Lords, where they make laws for the country.

Lord Michael Farmer, George’s father, is a well-known English businessman. He started a company called Metal & Commodity Company Ltd. He also helped create the Red Kite Group, a big hedge fund in the commodity market.

Lord Michael Farmer has been active in supporting various important causes, like helping people in need and improving prisons.

Because he has spoken out about these issues, Lord Michael Farmer has received many important titles and roles. He was made a life peer in London, became a member of committees on social mobility and domestic abuse, and once served as the treasurer for the Conservative party.


George was part of the UK Conservative Party and became the youngest to lead its Black and White Ball. In 2016, he also became the youngest member of the Leader’s Group, contributing a minimum of £50,000 annually for exclusive access to the Prime Minister.

Candace Owens’ husband is a strong conservative who opposes the European Union. He switched to the Brexit Party due to his dislike of the EU.

He and his wife share similar political views. He’s called the EU “harmful and socialist,” a topic Candace hasn’t commented on. Currently, George works for a hedge fund.

George Farmer relationship, marriage and wife

At the well-attended launch of Turning Point UK in December 2018, George Farmer and Candace Owens first met.

George liked Candace’s political talk. Within two and a half weeks, they got engaged and moved in together.

They connected fast because they shared values and humour, feeling like lifelong friends.

George fell deeply in love, and they now hold titles as The Honorable George and Candace Farmer.

Their wedding happened at Trump Winery in Virginia on August 31, 2019, with politicians like Nigel Farage in attendance.

Candace shared wedding moments on Instagram. She dressed modestly in a white lace gown in homage to Princess Grace of Monaco, whom she regards as the most fashionable bride.

George praised his wife’s beauty and thanked Eric Trump for the wedding venue.

Their white cake had a red “Make Weddings Great Again” hat, symbolizing their support for Donald Trump’s political ideology, which united them.

Guests also wore similar hats. You can find photos of Candace Owens’ husband on her Instagram, since he’s not active on social media.

George Farmer and his wife Candace Owens

In August 2020, Candace Owens shared that she was five months pregnant. Notable figures like Donald Trump Jr. congratulated them.

Owens gave birth to a boy in January 2021 and to a daughter in July 2022. On July 10, 2023, Owens publicly announced the pregnancy of her third child—a baby boy.

Candace Owens and George Farmer, known in right-wing circles, have a strong partnership. George actively supports Candace’s views.

How tall is George Farmer?

Candace Owens’ husband is 5 feet 11 inches tall as of the time of writing this post.

Educational Background

George Farmer, a British citizen and graduate of Oxford University, had a tough upbringing in a poor area of the UK due to his strict father, Lord Michael Farmer.

Later on, Lord Michael Farmer found success in the metal markets and earned the nickname ‘Mister Copper’ in London.

Thanks to his father’s achievements, George had the chance to attend St. Paul’s School, a well-known private institution in London that educates the country’s elite.

George did exceptionally well in his studies at Oxford University, where he earned a top-notch degree in Theology.

Additionally, he chaired Turning Point UK and was a member of the Bullingdon Club during his time at the university.

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