What’s Your Favorite? 6 Common Nigerians Breakfast Food

Nigeria has a diverse range of native and dishes, some of which are more typically consumed for breakfast than others. Do you need some food ideas for the day? The most popular and common breakfast foods in Nigeria are listed below.

1. Bread and Beans

Bread and Beans

Bread and beans, also known as Ewa agoyin, is a traditional Yoruba dish that every struggling Nigerian is familiar with.

2. Akara/Beans/Moin-Moin and Akamu/koko (pap)

Akamu pap and akara served with a tray

Both Moin-Moin and Akara are protein-rich, light, and refreshing meals made with pureed beans and spicy ingredients. Akara and Moin-Moin have a certain something about them that makes them ideal for breakfast. Akara (pap) is a popular Nigerian street snack that can be found on any street corner. Akamu is a corn meal custard that goes great with either Akara or moin moin.

3. Tea and bread

Bread and Tea

There’s no need for an introduction. Everyone enjoys Nigerian tea and bread, including children, adults, and the old. The tea is made with cocoa powder and milk, and the bread can be toasted or eaten with butter.

4. Yam and Egg sauce

Yam and Egg sauce mixed with plantain

Nigerians’ tables are frequently adorned with boiled or fried yam and egg sauce. It’s incredibly full and, if you’re not careful, can sustain you working all day. Egg sauce is a simple Nigerian sauce made with tomatoes and eggs sautéed together. The dish can be consumed at any time.

5. Noodles/Indomie and egg

Indomie is a well-known instant noodle brand in Nigeria, so well-known that it has become synonymous with all instant noodles. Indomie can be prepared in a variety of ways, but it is commonly served with a fried or boiled egg.

6. Okpa


Bambara nuts are known locally as Okpa. It’s also the name of the Bambara nut powder-based boiling pudding.

Despite the fact that okpa is simple to make, few people do so. Instead, most people believe it is not worth the trouble to make it at home, so they purchase it from one of the many okpa vendors.

It is mostly sold in Nigeria’s eastern regions. Okpa is incredibly full and will keep you satisfied until lunchtime. Diabetics will benefit greatly from it.

It is all about Nigerians.

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